Florida Impact Glass Sliding Doors: What You Need to Know

Due to the often consistently nice weather and good sun exposure, sliding glass doors comprise a large area of most homes in residential parts of Florida. While this is great for the enjoyment of the sunlight and the appreciation of the outdoors, walls of glass can be a point of vulnerability in storms and break-ins. Impact glass sliding doors also called hurricane sliding glass doors, offer durability and stability upon impact while maintaining the integrity of the open-air structure. Replacing your sliding glass doors is a necessary upgrade for your home if you want to maintain it’s value and safety.

Luxury Florida Sliding Doors & Windows’ impact glass sliding doors protect your home effortlessly. The replacement sliding doors are custom made to fit precisely in your existing opening, so you won’t have to worry about your room being torn apart or structurally altered. This way, you will be protected in the event of a storm without needing shutters or a costly shelter.

How Our Impact Sliding Doors Protect You

The glass used in impact glass sliding doors is tempered through special heat processes, making it notably more resilient than your average glass.  The doors themselves consist of two pieces of Miami impact glass bonded together with an inter-layer of clear PVB, which can be further enhanced with another layer of insulating glass. Not only does this provide maximum protection from wind-borne debris, or the impact blows from intruders and thieves, but it also filters 99 percent of UV rays. This way, you will protect your furnishings because UV Rays are kept out, reduce heat-gain and you will notice a dramatic reduction in outside noise from things such as neighbors and traffic.

Some other benefits of having Miami impact glass sliding doors installed are noise reduction, reduction of unwanted air and moisture infiltration, improvement of energy efficiency for more cost-effective living, protecting the structure from hurricanes and protecting your household from intruders.

Protect Your Family with Luxury Florida Glass Sliding Doors

Your house and family are too precious to leave at risk of inclement weather and dangerous individuals. Luxury Sliding Windows and Doors knows this and is here to provide top-quality hurricane impact glass and installation at an affordable price. We specialize in new buildings, houses and high rises, and retro-fit for older ones that need it.

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