Best Quailty Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Florida Miami

LINEA ROSSA Design Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors manufactures the highest quality aluminum Impact resistant windows and doors. Linea Rossa Windows & Doors serves all of South Florida including Miami.

LINEA ROSSA Design offers a complete line of impact windows including casements, project-outs, Horizantal Rolling, single hungs, fixed and architectural windows that we design to protect and resist hurricanes. If you are looking for hurricane windows and doors manufacturers in Miami Florida LINEA ROSSA is the logical choice. We also manufacture hurricane resistant decorative doors and sliding doors that don’t require the use of shutters and meet the highest impact standards.

Our hurricane impact resistant windows and doors were designed to imitate the look of wood, yet eliminating the high maintenance, swelling, and cost.


Looking beyond the desirable benefits of protection from hurricanes, LINEA ROSSA impact windows and doors also provides additional advantages like energy efficiency and protection from break-ins. First and foremost, linea rossa impact doors and windows are manufactured with aluminum framing, which can fight off heat and as a result, save you on the amount of energy needing to be used in the home. LINEA ROSSA impact-resistant windows and doors are also so well-insulated that it makes breaking in through the window near impossible. The glass used is shatter-proof, which means intruders won’t be able to make their way in through the impact windows and doors.

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